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About The Area


Pattaya View Point

With the recent opening of the new Bangkok International Airport, Pattaya is now less than a 90 minute taxi ride away (this journey will shorten as the newly widened motorway nears completion).
Tourists visit Pattaya for many reasons including luxury hotels, beautiful beaches, friendly people, excellent shopping, reasonable prices and a wide variety of nearby tourist attractions, boasting some of the finest Eurasian restaurants catering to all budgets and tastes, Pattaya has it all.
Otherwise known as the ‘Extreme City”, Pattaya is well documented for its diversity in entertainment and nightlife with probably only Las Vegas rivaling it in books, articles and web sites designated to this remarkable City.
However and quite surprisingly “The Best Kept Secret” of Pattaya are the 20 or so beautiful Championship Standard Golf courses (all within a 45 minute drive) offering facilities that would rival any top European or American course at a fraction of the price.